Safety first

By July 16, 2015News

Copenhagen Metro Team recognizes the utmost importance of Occupational Health and Safety protection of Employees and third parties during the performance of all activities within its premises.

The Company therefore intends to activity promote initiatives addressed to the Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Authorities and Interested Parties aimed at reaching the highest health and safety standards.

The Occupational Health and Safety Objectives, to which CMT assigns the utmost importance, are:

  • to eliminate or to reduce to minimum the risk of incident adopting a prevention and protection system during all operating activities, according to the principle that all incidents may be prevented
  • to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements subscribed and / or adopted by the Company and apply the strictest standards
  • to  protect  the  health  and  safety  of  employees  and  third  parties  that  may  be  effected  by Company’s activities