CMT- Copenhagen Metro Team is the Italian consortium led by Salini-Impregilo group appointed to build the new metro circle line in Copenhagen, Cityring, that will consist of 17 new underground stations constructed on the same principles as the existing Copenhagen Metro net.

The tunnel works will be performed by 4 tunnel boring machines, (TBM), which will drill their way beneath the surface of Copenhagen : the two parallels tunnel are each 15.2. km’s long, and each tunnel consist of reinforced concrete rings,each 1.4 meter long. In total approximately 130,000 segments are used.

The Cityringen system is of historic proportion: Copenhagen has not witnessed a project of this magnitude since the construction of Christianshavn district in the 1600s.

Cityringen will open in 2019 and will create better opportunities for rapid, convenient and sustainable travel throughout the city, serving areas that count height number of inhabitants and dwellers that were not served by a metro net before.

If you want to read more about Cityring project, the progresses of the works around Copenhagen, and which activities are being carried out, click here Metro. Here you will be able to get a very detailed view on all the activities related to this unique project in Copenhagen.

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